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Rolling Buddy Cone Filler With Integrated Grinder

CHF 18.00

Introducing the "Rolling Buddy" – The Swiss Army Knife of Stoners! 🌿🔥 Tired of fumbling around with multiple tools for your herb adventures? Meet the "Rolling Buddy," your all-in-one ganja guru that grinds, fills, and stores your joints like a true cannabis wizard! This multifunctional marvel is crafted with premium plastic, making it as sturdy as your favorite indica strain....

Golf Ball Grinder & Pipe Set

CHF 36.00

⛳ Tee Off with the "Green Greens" Golf Ball Grinder Set - Because Golf Just Got a Whole Lot Higher! Fore! Are you tired of the same old fairway routine? Ready to take your golf game to the next level? Well, get ready to give yourself a handicap of 420 with the Green Greens Golf Ball Grinder Set - the...

Wickie Pipe Lighter

CHF 23.00

Introducing the Wickie Pipe Lighter - It's Not Just a Pipe, It's Your Herb Hero! Wickie has gone all out to create a design that's so mind-blowing it'll make you wonder if they've been taking their own herbs! Picture this: a pipe with a bowl shaped like it's ready to party, a mouthpiece made from acrylic that's cooler than a...

Hidden Stash Hair Brush

CHF 23.00

Tired of your nosy roommates poking around in your green goodies? Enter the "High & Mighty" Hairbrush – it's not just for fabulous locks, it's your covert cannabis companion! This isn't your grandma's hairbrush; it's your new best bud, ready to keep your herb stash stealthy. To the naked eye, it's just a stylish hairbrush, but behind those bristles lies...

Lock & Block" Smell Proof Bag

CHF 49.00

Are you tired of your valuables smelling like your secret stash? Look no further, because the "Lock & Block" Smell Proof Bag is here to save the day! Crafted from ultra-durable 1680D nylon, lined with high-quality activated carbon, and fortified with filtering non-woven fabric, this bag is your fortress against any unwanted odors. Whether it's your herbs, snacks, or other...

Stoner's Starter Kit Wooden Box

CHF 62.00

Say hello to the "Stoner's Starter Kit" – your all-in-one, organized oasis of herbal happiness! Crafted from beautiful, natural wood, this stylish box is designed to keep your stoner arsenal neat and discreet. It's not just a box; it's a treasure chest of delights for the discerning connoisseur. Inside, you'll find all the must-haves: a grinder to break down your...

Bamboo Bliss Storage Box With Removable Tray

CHF 71.00

Introducing the "Bamboo Bliss" Stoner's Storage Box – Where High Meets High-Quality! 🌿🌟 Get ready to elevate your chill game with the "Bamboo Bliss" – the ultimate stash box for connoisseurs! Crafted from premium bamboo, this box is not just stylish; it's also Earth-friendly, because, you know, trees and all. Inside, you'll find all the necessities for a legendary evening:...

Stoner's Saver - Electric USB Lighter

CHF 21.00

Introducing the "Stoner's Saver" – Your High-Tech, Flameless Companion for Epic Sessions! 🔥🌿 Are you tired of the age-old lighter hunt every time you're ready to blaze up? Meet the "Stoner's Saver," your ingenious solution to never being caught without a flame again! Designed with stoners in mind, this portable electric lighter is the ultimate backup you've been craving. Say...

"BulletBlaze" Bullet Lighter

CHF 16.00

Introducing the "BulletBlaze" – Ignite Your Firepower in Style! 🔥💥 Are you tired of those run-of-the-mill lighters that lack personality and flair? Enter the "BulletBlaze," a lighter that packs a punch and makes a statement. Shaped like a sleek, metallic bullet, this isn't your average fire-starting tool; it's a conversation starter. With its realistic bullet design and sturdy construction, the...

Best Buds Necklaces

CHF 12.00

Nothing says Best Buds like matching charm necklaces. Whats Included:-Set of Necklaces-Chain is 20in long-Pendants are 1.5in Long  

Vacuum Packaging Bags

CHF 23.00

description: The bag is made of PA + PE, the pump uses ABS and does not contain BPA. Transparent bag design, easy to choose the food you want. The enhanced zipper ensures air tightness to keep food fresh and longer. Includes clips to help you seal the storage bag. Each bag comes with a label, which is very convenient to...

The Za Wheel Grinder

CHF 52.00

Are you tired of your joints looking like a squirrel on roller skates has rolled them? Say goodbye to those tragic twists and turns, because Rollin' Royalty is here to save the day – and your joints! 👑 Copper Coolness: Our Rollin' Royalty Joint Roller is made from copper, the fanciest of all metals. 🤣 Rollin' with the Royals: Get...

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