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Mystery Smoking Set

CHF 54.00

Introducing the "Stoner Surprise Box" – Where Every Toke Is a Mystery Worth Unraveling! 🎁🌿 Are you ready to embark on a journey of pure cannabis excitement? Get ready to unbox the unexpected with our "Stoner Surprise Box" – your ticket to stoner nirvana! Inside this enigmatic treasure chest, you'll discover a world of essentials for the modern-day toker. From...

Puff-N-Purify Electric Ashtray

CHF 44.00

Tired of your space smelling like a smoky dive bar? The "Puff-N-Purify" has your back! It's like having a personal smoke whisperer, removing odors, PM2.5, and even second-hand smoke with ease. And guess what? It's quieter than a librarian's whisper! Shhh... 🤫 With a turbo booster motor and a style that's as sleek as a stealthy ninja, it's perfect for...

Ceramic Animal Ashtray

CHF 32.00

Name: ceramic ashtray Size: as follows Material: Ceramic Reminder: All manual measurements, there are errors