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Hidden Storage

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Hidden Stash Hair Brush

CHF 23.00

Tired of your nosy roommates poking around in your green goodies? Enter the "High & Mighty" Hairbrush – it's not just for fabulous locks, it's your covert cannabis companion! This isn't your grandma's hairbrush; it's your new best bud, ready to keep your herb stash stealthy. To the naked eye, it's just a stylish hairbrush, but behind those bristles lies...

Lock & Block" Smell Proof Bag

CHF 49.00

Are you tired of your valuables smelling like your secret stash? Look no further, because the "Lock & Block" Smell Proof Bag is here to save the day! Crafted from ultra-durable 1680D nylon, lined with high-quality activated carbon, and fortified with filtering non-woven fabric, this bag is your fortress against any unwanted odors. Whether it's your herbs, snacks, or other...

Secret Stash Sipper Stainless Steel Bottle

CHF 32.00

Introducing the "Secret Stash Sipper" – Where Hydration Meets Hilarious Heists! 💦🤫 Are you tired of the same old boring water bottles? Ready to add a dash of intrigue and a sprinkle of mischief to your life? Behold the "Secret Stash Sipper," the stainless steel bottle that's not just for staying hydrated; it's your passport to a world of sneaky...