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Wickie Pipe Lighter

CHF 23.00

Introducing the Wickie Pipe Lighter - It's Not Just a Pipe, It's Your Herb Hero! Wickie has gone all out to create a design that's so mind-blowing it'll make you wonder if they've been taking their own herbs! Picture this: a pipe with a bowl shaped like it's ready to party, a mouthpiece made from acrylic that's cooler than a...

Stoner's Saver - Electric USB Lighter

CHF 21.00

Introducing the "Stoner's Saver" – Your High-Tech, Flameless Companion for Epic Sessions! 🔥🌿 Are you tired of the age-old lighter hunt every time you're ready to blaze up? Meet the "Stoner's Saver," your ingenious solution to never being caught without a flame again! Designed with stoners in mind, this portable electric lighter is the ultimate backup you've been craving. Say...

"BulletBlaze" Bullet Lighter

CHF 16.00

Introducing the "BulletBlaze" – Ignite Your Firepower in Style! 🔥💥 Are you tired of those run-of-the-mill lighters that lack personality and flair? Enter the "BulletBlaze," a lighter that packs a punch and makes a statement. Shaped like a sleek, metallic bullet, this isn't your average fire-starting tool; it's a conversation starter. With its realistic bullet design and sturdy construction, the...

Mystery Smoking Set

CHF 54.00

Introducing the "Stoner Surprise Box" – Where Every Toke Is a Mystery Worth Unraveling! 🎁🌿 Are you ready to embark on a journey of pure cannabis excitement? Get ready to unbox the unexpected with our "Stoner Surprise Box" – your ticket to stoner nirvana! Inside this enigmatic treasure chest, you'll discover a world of essentials for the modern-day toker. From...

BerryBlast Strawberry Lighter

CHF 12.00

Introducing the "Berry Blast" - Where Flavor Meets the Flame! 🍓🔥 Are you tired of boring lighters that lack that juicy excitement? Meet our "Berry Blast" lighter, the sweetest way to ignite your world! This delightful strawberry-shaped lighter isn't just for lighting; it's for sparking up smiles, laughs, and berry good times! With its vibrant red exterior and realistic strawberry...

Chocolite - Chocolate Bar Lighter

CHF 18.00

🍫 Introducing the "ChocoLite" Lighter - It's S'more Than Just a Lighter! Are you tired of your boring, run-of-the-mill lighters? Well, it's time to sweeten up your smoke sessions with the ChocoLite Lighter - the ultimate chocolate bar disguise for the sneakiest smokers! 🔥 Not Your Average Bar: At first glance, it looks like your favorite chocolate treat, but don't...