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Rolling Buddy Cone Filler With Integrated Grinder

CHF 18.00

Introducing the "Rolling Buddy" – The Swiss Army Knife of Stoners! 🌿🔥 Tired of fumbling around with multiple tools for your herb adventures? Meet the "Rolling Buddy," your all-in-one ganja guru that grinds, fills, and stores your joints like a true cannabis wizard! This multifunctional marvel is crafted with premium plastic, making it as sturdy as your favorite indica strain....

The Za Wheel Grinder

CHF 52.00

Are you tired of your joints looking like a squirrel on roller skates has rolled them? Say goodbye to those tragic twists and turns, because Rollin' Royalty is here to save the day – and your joints! 👑 Copper Coolness: Our Rollin' Royalty Joint Roller is made from copper, the fanciest of all metals. 🤣 Rollin' with the Royals: Get...

Mystery Smoking Set

CHF 54.00

Introducing the "Stoner Surprise Box" – Where Every Toke Is a Mystery Worth Unraveling! 🎁🌿 Are you ready to embark on a journey of pure cannabis excitement? Get ready to unbox the unexpected with our "Stoner Surprise Box" – your ticket to stoner nirvana! Inside this enigmatic treasure chest, you'll discover a world of essentials for the modern-day toker. From...

Rolla-a-Rama Joint Rolling Machine

CHF 16.00

Introducing the "Roll-a-Rama" – Where Novices Become Joint-Rolling Geniuses in 60 Seconds Flat! 🌿🌀 Are you tired of feeling like the odd one out at your smoke sessions, fumbling with your rolling paper while your friends effortlessly craft perfect joints? Well, say goodbye to joint-rolling shame and hello to the "Roll-a-Rama," the hilarious and magical plastic joint roller that'll turn...

Rollinator Supreme - HoneyPuff Grind & Fill System

CHF 36.00

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the herb grinder of your dreams – the "Rollinator Supreme"! It's not your ordinary herb grinder; it's a multifunctional marvel that'll leave you wondering how you ever survived without it. This ain't your grandpa's grinder; it's bigger, heavier, and has not four, not three, but five incredible layers of pure grinding genius!...

Rollmaster 3000 - Automatic Metal Roller

CHF 18.00

Introducing the "RollMaster 3000" Joint/Cigarette Roller – Because Life's Too Short for Crooked Rolls! 🚬🌀 Are you tired of attempting to roll the perfect joint only to end up with something that looks like it survived a tornado? Say hello to the "RollMaster 3000" – your joint-rolling superhero! Crafted from high-quality metal, this bad boy is here to rescue your...