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Car Wheel-Mounted Rolling Tray

CHF 42.00 CHF 28.00


Do you ever find yourself on a road trip, wishing you could enjoy some rolling relaxation without the hassle of balancing your green goodness? Well, we've got the ultimate solution, and it's 420mm of pure stoner genius!

Behold the "Rolling on the Go" Car Wheel-Mounted Rolling Tray! This sleek black or gray tray is designed to fit snugly on the wheel of your car, giving you a whole new meaning to the term "rolling thunder." It's like your steering wheel, and your favorite pastime had a love child!

With dimensions measuring a "blazing" 42028021mm, we couldn't resist the cosmic alignment of the official stoner number. It's practically destiny – the universe wants you to enjoy your herbal adventures on the open road!

Picture this: you're parked at a scenic overlook, the wind in your hair, and the highway stretching before you. Thanks to your trusty "Rolling on the Go" tray, you're rolling a masterpiece as smooth as the asphalt beneath your tires.

So, why not take your herb-happy travels to the next level? Attach your rolling tray, pack your favorite blend, and let the good times roll!

Get your "Rolling on the Go" Car Wheel-Mounted Rolling Tray today, and remember, when it's 420mm, you're not just driving; you're "highway rolling" into a world of endless adventures! πŸš—πŸŒΏπŸ’¨