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Cournot Multi-Functional Key

CHF 18.00

Are you an active, outdoorsy individual who loves adventure and thrills but doesn't want to miss out on life's little pleasures in between? Look no further! The Cournot Key is here to be your trusty companion on all your escapades, and it's so much more than just a key – it's the ultimate multitool that'll have you saying, "Why didn't I have this sooner?"

Picture this: The Cournot Key, consisting of two black metal parts magnetically held together, is designed to fit snugly on your backpack or keyring with a convenient snap hook. It's the multitool that's as versatile as you are!

In its most compact form, this ingenious tool is your ticket to a successful journey:

🔑 Metal Pipe: When assembled, the Cournot Key transforms into a discreet metal pipe, with the mouthpiece cleverly tucked at the narrow tapered end and the tobacco bowl located right where it connects to the carabiner. It's like taking a quick smoke break outdoors without missing a beat.

🔑 Grinder: Need to chop up your herbs for that perfect smoke or perhaps just want to file away at life's little challenges? The Cournot Key has you covered with a surface featuring 6x15 pyramid-shaped knobs, making grinding and filing a breeze. It's like having a credit card-sized herb grinder right in your pocket.

🔑 Bottle Opener: What could be more refreshing than cracking open a cold one after a thrilling adventure? The Cournot Key boasts a built-in bottle opener, ensuring you never miss out on enjoying a well-deserved beverage, whether it's a crisp beer or a refreshing coke.

🔑 Closed Spanner: For those moments when a nut decides to go rogue or needs a gentle nudge, the Cournot Key offers you the convenience of three different nut sizes with its cleverly designed openings: 1/4" - M5, 5/16" - M4, and 7/16" - M2. It's like having a toolbox in your pocket!

So, whether you're conquering the great outdoors, cycling through picturesque landscapes, or embarking on epic hiking adventures, the Cournot Key is your must-have companion. It's not just a key; it's a multitool that'll have you saying, "I'm ready for anything!" Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities with the Cournot Key. 🗝️🌲🚴‍♂️🏞️🔥