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Gravity Bong

CHF 293.00


Would you ever turn back time for a moment and relive the funniest memories with your friends? Well, hold on to your DeLorean, because this Gravity Hookah is here to help you create a smoke session that's legendary and laugh-out-loud worthy!

Inspired by the iconic Stundenglass, this gravity bong isn't just any ordinary smoking device; it's a time-traveling, laughter-inducing masterpiece. Picture yourself and your pals gathered around, watching in awe as the the Gravity Hookah does its thing. It's like watching a science experiment gone hilariously right!

With its mesmerizing water chamber and precisely calibrated design, the "TimeWarpinator" promises a smooth and potent hit every single time. But here's where the magic happens: it also promises to be the centerpiece of your next epic smoke session!

As you take that gravity-powered hit, you'll feel like you're being transported to a realm where laughter knows no bounds. Your friends won't just be your smoking buddies; they'll be your fellow time travelers on a journey to pure joy and merriment.

Whether you're reminiscing about your favorite funny moments or creating new ones, the Gravity Hookah is your trusty companion. It's not just a gravity bong; it's a portal to a world of hilarity and good times.

So why settle for an ordinary smoking experience when you can turn your sessions into a comedy show with this beautiful gravity bong? Get ready to laugh, puff, and travel through time (or at least feel like it) with the ultimate gravity bong that's destined to be a legendary hit! ⏳💨😂🪙