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Lock & Block" Smell Proof Bag

CHF 49.00



Are you tired of your valuables smelling like your secret stash? Look no further, because the "Lock & Block" Smell Proof Bag is here to save the day!

Crafted from ultra-durable 1680D nylon, lined with high-quality activated carbon, and fortified with filtering non-woven fabric, this bag is your fortress against any unwanted odors. Whether it's your herbs, snacks, or other precious belongings, the "Lock & Block" has you covered.

With the code lock system, your privacy is as secure as Fort Knox. The preset code is 000, but you can easily customize it to your liking, ensuring that only you have access to your hidden treasures.

Inside, you'll find a customizable compartment with Velcro, along with two handy internal pockets for effortless organization. Say goodbye to tangled cables and mixed-up essentials – the "Lock & Block" has got your back.

Measuring a compact 8x4x2.75 inches, it's the perfect travel companion. Lightweight, discreet, and designed for maximum convenience, this odor-proof bag will become your go-to travel essential.

Searching for the ultimate gift for your friends? Look no further! The "Lock & Block" Smell Proof Bag is not just a bag; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Your friends will thank you for providing them with a discreet, odor-free haven for their prized possessions.

Get your "Lock & Block" Smell Proof Bag today and experience a new level of discreet organization and odor protection. It's time to lock it up and block the smells – in style! πŸŒ¬οΈπŸ”πŸ‘œ