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Mini Car Key Electronic Scale

CHF 18.00

Say goodbye to those sketchy deals and ensure you're always getting what you paid for, with a dash of humor and discretion.

Designed for the savvy stoner in you, this mini scale disguised as a car key is a game-changer for your cannabis adventures. It can weigh up to 200 grams in precise 0.01-gram steps – ensuring you're never short-changed, even when your supplier tries to pull a fast one.

Imagine this: You roll up to a deal, whip out your car key, and slyly check the weight under their noses. It's like being your weed detective, uncovering the truth one nug at a time. You'll become the Sherlock Holmes of the stoner world, solving mysteries and safeguarding your stash with style.

You are no more relying on shaky handshakes or dodgy dealers. With the Stoner's Secret Weapon, you'll be the talk of the smoke circle, the hero of herb enthusiasts, and the master of marijuana measurement. Plus, you'll have a great story to tell at every session.

Don't let anyone trick you into buying less ever again – get your Stoner's Secret Weapon Mini Scale today and take control of your cannabis destiny, one car key at a time!