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Bowl and Roll Toilet Pipe

CHF 14.00

Introducing the "Bowl and Roll" – The Throne of Tokes! 🚽🌿 Are you tired of the same old, mundane smoking pipes that don't give you the royal treatment you deserve? Step into the bathroom of innovation because the "Bowl and Roll" is here to take your smoking experience to a new level of hilarity and convenience! Behold the "Bowl and...

Wickie Pipe Lighter

CHF 23.00

Introducing the Wickie Pipe Lighter - It's Not Just a Pipe, It's Your Herb Hero! Wickie has gone all out to create a design that's so mind-blowing it'll make you wonder if they've been taking their own herbs! Picture this: a pipe with a bowl shaped like it's ready to party, a mouthpiece made from acrylic that's cooler than a...

Shroominator Silicone Mushroom Pipe

CHF 16.00

Introducing the "Shroominator" – Where Fun-gi and Functionality Unite! 🍄🌈 Ever wished your smoke sesh could be as magical as a fairy tale? Say hello to the "Shroominator," the silicone pipe here to sprinkle a little whimsy and a lot of laughter into your toking adventures! This cute silicone pipe is more than just a fungi-themed delight. It's a smoking...

Top Puff Bottle Bong Maker

CHF 12.00

Introducing the "Top Puff Water Bottle Bong" – Transform Any Bottle into a Heavy-Hitting Bong! Why settle for a regular water bottle when you can turn it into a powerful bong with the innovative Top Puff portable bong? The Puff Pack is your go-to source for cutting-edge smoking accessories, and this Top Puff piece is no exception. Crafted with durability...

JazzBlazer Saxophone Pipe

CHF 12.00

Introducing the "JazzBlazer" 🎷 – The Swankiest Smoke Session in Town! 🌿💨 Are you tired of the same old, boring pipes for your herbal enjoyment? Hold on to your jazz hats 🎩 because we've got something that will blow your mind – and your sax! Meet the "JazzBlazer," the pipe that lets you puff like a pro and groove like...

Revolver Six Chamber Metal Pipe and Grinder

CHF 18.00

Prepare to be captivated by the "Revolver," a one-of-a-kind metal weed pipe and grinder that's as eye-catching as it is efficient. Crafted in the image of a classic cylinder, this masterpiece boasts not one, not two, but six chambers for all your packing pleasures. With a built-in 2-piece weed grinder, it's your one-stop shop for all things smoking! Constructed with...

LoveStone Heart Pipe

CHF 23.00

Introducing the "LoveStone" – Where Romance Meets Relaxation! 💖 Are you ready to take your smoking experience to a whole new level of love and luxury? Say hello to the "LoveStone," a pipe that's as captivating as it is calming. Crafted from enchanting rose quartz and shaped like a heart, this little gem is here to make your toking moments...

Hornet One Hitter Pipe

CHF 16.00

Introducing the "Hornet" One Hitter Pipe - Because One Hit Wonders Deserve Bling and Bling! 🌟 Prepare for Lift-Off: Behold the Hornet One Hitter Pipe - where precision meets pizzazz! This isn't your average one-hitter; it's a sleek, precision-machined marvel ready to elevate your smoking game to the stratosphere. ⚖️ Featherweight Champion: The Hornet is no heavyweight; it tips the...

Owl Silicone Pipe

CHF 14.00

Hootie & the Smoke: Meet the Wisest Way to Toke in Style! 🦉🌿 Are you tired of smoking pipes that are as dull as a Monday morning meeting? Look no further, my fellow nocturnal tokers, because we've got something that's sure to make you "owl" with excitement! Introducing the "Hootie & the Smoke" silicone pipe – the only feathered friend...

"Crystal Cloud" Glass Blunt Set

CHF 23.00

Prepare to be captivated by the Crystal Cloud Glass Blunt, a smoking sensation that combines innovation, style, and pure satisfaction into one sleek, elegant package. 🌬️ A New Way to Blaze: Bid farewell to rolling papers and say hello to the future of smoking. The Crystal Cloud Glass Blunt is designed for those who crave a smoother, more efficient, and...