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Chocolite - Chocolate Bar Lighter

CHF 19.00

🍫 Introducing the "ChocoLite" Lighter - It's S'more Than Just a Lighter!

Are you tired of your boring, run-of-the-mill lighters? Well, it's time to sweeten up your smoke sessions with the ChocoLite Lighter - the ultimate chocolate bar disguise for the sneakiest smokers!

🔥 Not Your Average Bar: At first glance, it looks like your favorite chocolate treat, but don't take a bite just yet! The ChocoLite is a cleverly disguised lighter, ready to light up your world with more than just cocoa goodness.

🤣 Crave-Worthy Convenience: Picture this: you're in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature's beauty, and it's time for a smoke break. But, oh no! Your regular lighter has gone AWOL. Fear not, because tucked inside this delicious-looking wrapper is your trusty flame-flicking companion, always ready to satisfy your cravings.

🍫 Chocolate Chic: The ChocoLite isn't just a lighter; it's a fashion statement. Impress your friends as you casually whip out what appears to be a chocolate bar but holds the power to ignite your desires. It's like a secret handshake for the modern smoker!

🔒 Child-Proof, Smoke-Approved: Worried about little ones mistaking it for a snack? Fear not! The ChocoLite's safety features keep it out of the wrong hands while ensuring you can enjoy your smoke sessions without a hitch.

🎉 The Ultimate Party Trick: Imagine the looks of amazement when you pull out your ChocoLite at the next smoke sesh. It's not just a lighter; it's a conversation starter, a laughter generator, and the life of the party.

🍬 Zero Calories, All Fun: Unlike a real chocolate bar, the ChocoLite has zero calories, so you can indulge guilt-free in the sweet satisfaction of igniting your favorite herbs.

Get ready to add some flavor to your smoking experience with the ChocoLite Lighter. It's the sweetest way to light up, and it's bound to be the "toast" of your smoke circle. Don't miss out; grab yours today and start melting away your smoking woes, one delicious spark at a time! 🍫🔥✨

  • Refillable & Reusable - Fill with butane
  • Adjustable Flame Size
  • Windproof - Stays lit in a breeze
  • Durable Full Metal Construction

*Due to Transport Regulations, All lighters come empty of Butane & Lighter Fuel