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Hidden Stash Hair Brush

CHF 23.00

Tired of your nosy roommates poking around in your green goodies? Enter the "High & Mighty" Hairbrush – it's not just for fabulous locks, it's your covert cannabis companion!

This isn't your grandma's hairbrush; it's your new best bud, ready to keep your herb stash stealthy. To the naked eye, it's just a stylish hairbrush, but behind those bristles lies a secret storage chamber for your prized greens!

Picture this: you're combing your luscious locks and, suddenly, your friend asks to borrow a hairbrush. No problem! Hand over your "High & Mighty" Hairbrush, and they'll be none the wiser. It's the ultimate disguise for the discreet cannabis consumer.

With this brush in hand, you'll be ready to "brush off" any suspicion and stash your stash with style. Say goodbye to prying eyes and hello to hairbrush heaven!

Get your "High & Mighty" Hairbrush today and keep your greens in the greenest way possible. It's time to brush up on your secret cannabis game! 🌿💨